Friday, October 23, 2009

Five Big Questions Heading Into UFC 104

1. Will Anthony "Rumble" Johnson make weight this afternoon? Johnson is probably the biggest welterweight fighter in the UFC next to Thiago Alves. Can he cut down to 171 pounds today when he and his opponent Yoshiyuki Yoshida tip the scale?

2. Can Shogun Rua do what 15 other opponents were not able to do and that is to beat UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida? Rua is a huge underdog going into tomorrow's main event fight.

3. Will Can Velasquez get a title shot if he beats Ben Rothwell tomorrow night? Rothwell is bigger than Velasquez and has more experience in the cage as well. This is Rothwell's UFC debut and is there a chance he will suffer the "UFC jitters" that has striken many other fighters making their first appearance in the Octagon? If Velasquez wins impressively, he should be the number one contender in the heavyweight division. A fight between him and Junior Dos Santos would be interesting though and that fight could determine the next number one contender.

4. Which fight will be Fight of the Night tomorrow? This is a very tough question as we don't know what to expect in the main event. Will it be a boring and slow fight? Could we l we see another one-sided dominating performance by Machida? The lightweight fights are usually fast-paced and there are two tomorrow evening. Joe Stevenson will take on Spencer Fisher and Josh Neer will face Gleison Tibau. Either fight could be a nominee for Fight of the Night.

5. There are four fighters who are undefated so far in their mixed martial arts career. They are Machida, Velasquez, Chase Gormley, and Ryan Bader. Will they all stay undefeated after tomorrow night? Bader will be taking on Eric Schafer and Gormley will knock heads with the very tall (6'11') Stefan Struve.


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