Friday, November 20, 2009

Strikeforce Challengers Show Live On Showtime Tonight

Strikeforce has a show tonight live on Showtime starting at 8pm on the West Coast.

Here is the main card:

Tyron Woodley vs. Rudy Bears

Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera

Bobby Voelker vs. Erik Apple

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Aaron Rosa

Kevin Casey vs. Chad Vance

Casey might be accompanied to the cage by Spencer Pratt of MTV's The Hills. Pratt is Casey's manager.

The most interesting match-up tonight is the female fight between Couture and Vera. Couture's ex-husband, Randy, and Vera's husband, Brandon, fought last Saturday night in England at UFC 105. Couture won by decision over Vera in that fight.

Many fans expect Kerry to win tonight but they should not underestimate Kim. Kim has been training very hard in Vegas for this fight and she is very determined to put on a great performance.

Strikeforce will have a big show next month in San Jose, California called "Evolution." Tonight's show is one of their smaller shows and is part of their Strikeforce Challengers series. The series is meant to show off the up-and-coming fighters in the MMA world.

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