Monday, November 2, 2009

Strikeforce Conference Call Notes With Fedor and Brett Rogers

Strikeforce had a media conference call earlier this morning with Strikeforce President Scott Coker, Brett Rogers, and Fedor Emelianenko to promote their November 7 show.

Coker: "If Fedor was living in America, we would take him on a lot more shows." Has no interest in Fedor's brother, Alex, because he has issues with the sports commissions right now and is not cleared to fight.

Expects the show to be fully sold out by Saturday. They are 85% sold out right now.

Rogers: Does not think Fedor is underestimating him even though he got married recently and doesn't think Fedor is taking him lightly at all.

Has studied tape of Fedor to prepare for the fight. Has trained for three months for Fedor and feels like he knows him. He is waiting for Fedor to try to take him down and he does not think Fedor will want to stand up with him for very long.

"I am coming into the fight as the bigger, stronger guy."

"I don't work at Sam's Club anymore." "I am getting movie and TV offers."
Was supposed to be on MTV's Bully Beatdown show but he didn't have time.

"I always wanted to do this. This is my life."

Feels underrated because he is a big underdog. He hopes for more respect after the fight. Expects a quick finish to the fight.

Does a lot of mediation before the fight. "The day of the fight is nothing. I sleep up to the point of the fight."

"I am hoping the fans cheer me on too since I am actually from Chicago. I have a lot of friends coming from Minnesota to cheer me on."

Fedor: Says he gets nervous one day before the fight because he is a human being. He found the NFL game yesterday in Chicago to be interesting but the games on TV are more exciting. "I don't think I would have enough energy to play and I don't know the rules very well."

Expects the fans to cheer Rogers since he is from Chicago. He has experienced fights where the fans have cheered his opponents more than him.

Does not train with any American fighters. He just works with his coaches.

"I really like having fights in America."

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