Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strikeforce Conference Call Quotes From Nick Diaz,Cyborg Santos, And More

Strikeforce had a conference call this morning and on the call were Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, Marius Zaromskis, Marloes Coenen, and Strikeforce women's champion Cyborg Santos.

Diaz and Zaromskis will be fighting for the title on January 30th on Showtime, and Santos will be defending her title against Coenen as well.

Below are quotes from the four fighters.

Nick Diaz: (When asked for an opening statement to the media) "Am i supposed to have something to say?"

"Training is going good. I'm ready to go. I'm happy to fight at 170. I have been waiting for a long time to fight in this weight class. The last two fights were not my idea. This (fighting at welteweight) is not a new thing for me."

(On Jay Hieron saying that Diaz is ducking him) " I'm just fighting who they want me to fight. I can say GSP(UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre) is a p***y because he doesn't want to fight me. I'm ready to fight anybody. I didn't know there was a problem. I'll fight anywhere.

(On what he is doing to prepare for a five-round fight) " I kick the heavy bag a lot, run extra miles, and do extra push-ups."

(On why he has not talked trash about Zaromskis yet like he has with other opponents) "I've never had a conference call with another opponent before. I just woke up dude. I don't know."

(Closing comments) I'm really honored to be the main event of this show. I just woke up. I'm ready to fight."

Marius Zaromskis: "I'm ready to fight and come to Miami. I think Nick is a very well-rounded fighter. "

"I speak Russian, Lithuanian, and some German and English."

"I don't look for a high kick in a fight. I kick a heavy bag with my legs a lot. I have done head kicks for a long time and Mirko Cro Cop was not an influence."

Cyborg Santos: "Gina Carano was just another opponent like anyone else. I didn't think about her being the face of women's MMA or anything like that."

"I was horrified by people knowing about the Playboy offer. Your appearance won't make you win a fight or not . It's your talent and what you do in the ring that matters the most."

"I want to build a family but not right now. I want to continue fighting and hold on to the title."

I usually train with men because I hurt the women.

Marloes Coenen:" I'm very happy to fight because my last title fight was 10 years ago in Tokyo. I would like to thank Scott Coker for the opportunity."

"I think women are always judged by their appearance. It will always probably stay that way."

"MMA is not big as Thai boxing is in the Netherlands. Children are getting into MMA though."

"My stand-up is ok, my wrestling is ok, and my ground game is ok."

"My goal is to never do office work again. When I grew up, there was no option for women to fight. I hope to inspire women to learn how to fight and work out."

"I might be an underdog but the hardcore MMA fans know what I can do."

"I don't think it will go five rounds at all."

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