Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strikeforce Fighters and Insiders Predict Winner of Diaz Vs. Zaromskis and Cyborg vs. Coenen

Josh "The Punk" Thomson, former Strikeforce lightweight champion (pictured above): Cyborg by destruction and Diaz by sub!

Kim Couture, Strikeforce fighter: I wish I had a good answer, but I don't know a thing about Marloes Coenen. I've never heard of her, or seen her fight. Cyborg, of course, is so strong and well rounded. I find it hard to believe anyone can touch her right now. She's definitely on top of her game!

Luke Rockhold, Strikeforce middleweight fighter: I think Cyborg is too big and too strong. I can't see Coenen lasting past the second round, and she will get overwhelmed similar to Gina Carano. There is a small chance Coenen gets the sub though.

I think Nick takes this fight in a decision or a late submisison but I can't count out Marius since he can end a fight at any time. It will be a close fight but Nick should take it if he keeps his hands up, and avoids the high kick!

Craig Oxley, Strikeforce fighter on the prelim card on Saturday night: I think if Diaz fights his fight and takes it to the ground, he wins it, but if he tries to go toe to toe with Zaromskis, I think it' s going to be a long night for him.

In the Cyborg fight, I think she is just to strong for Coenen. That's just the way I see it, but then again, that's why they fight the fights just never know!

Slade Bittler, Tussle Fight Gear: The Diaz/Zaromskis fight is the easier of the two to pick. Diaz will technically pick Zaromskis apart on their feet, keeping him at a distance with his reach and poking jabs unless Zaromskis uses his strength and speed to all out tackle Diaz. But once on the ground, Diaz has the tools to finish on the top or bottom, so winner, Diaz by TKO or decision.

Cyborg and Coenen will be a great match-up, as both ladies are tough as nails. I think the edge in this case would be to Cris. Her speed and power will be too overwhelming for Coenen, but don't count her out. She has the tools to finish the job, but I just don't think she has been up against somebody as fast and strong as Santos. Cris wins by ref stoppage due to strikes.

Kerry Vu, sheer coin toss, I predict Diaz and Santos for the final outcome. Diaz perhaps by his submission game and Santos by decision, if not by knockout first.

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