Saturday, November 6, 2010

San Francisco Giants "Like a G Man" Videos with Cody Ross at Macy's Signing Autographs - Videos

Below are 8 videos of Cody Ross getting the rock star treatment from Giants' fans.

Ross was at Macy's Union Square Friday afternoon from 12:15pm to 1:45pm. There was a short Q&A session with KNBR's Brian Murphy in the beginning. The first 300 fans who wanted an autograph had to spend over $25 in Giants' merchandise in order to get in line.

Ross was very nice to everyone and had a big smile during the whole event. I talked to a guy who went to high school with Ross in Carlsbad,Mexico and he said that Ross was hitting long homers in high school. He also said that Ross is very nice and humble.

Ross signed t-shirts and hats, hugged women, and shook hands with Giants' fans.

I took a lot of pictures and video footage from the event and today my shoulders are sore from holding up my camera for almost two hours. There will be more videos and pictures soon.


Victor Eff said...

Gives "SHINY!" a whole new meaning.

Anonymous said...

Destined to be a fan favorite here in the Bay area.

Thank you Cody Ross. Can't wait to see you in our starting line-up next year!!