Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pro Football Talk reports that Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith are working together

This story by might make a lot of San Francisco 49ers and their fans very unhappy.

According to the article, Jim Harbaugh has been meeting with soon to be free agent Alex Smith and not only have they been talking, they also have been throwing the football around as well.

Harbaugh could just be blowing smoke but he has been very complimentary of Smith in interviews.

I might be the biggest Alex Smith apologist in the Bay Area and I think he could be a good stop gap for the 49ers until they find their future starting quarterback.

What are the other alternatives? The 49ers could trade for Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, or Kevin Kolb. What are the chances of bringing Brett Favre back from retirement?

Any of these options would be better than having David Carr behind center when the season starts.

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