Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rock returns on WWE Monday Night Raw on Valentine's Day to host Wrestlemania

Wow,The Rock is back! Former WWE Superstar The Rock returned to the WWE ring and Monday Night Raw last night on Valentine's Day. He got on the mic and the fans in Anaheim went wild with thunderous cheers. Talk about a pop.

I haven't watched WWE and Monday Night Raw for many years and a big part of the reason was because The Rock left wrestling to pursue a acting career. Is he back for good or just for a short time to promote Wrestlemania where he will be the host of the big pay-per-view event?

He said he is "never ever going away" but I am not sure if he means it or not. I don't know if he will wrestle again but does it matter? The Rock is at his best on the mic.

Check out the videos below where The Great One and the People's Champion says all his funny catch phrases and makes fun of John Cena.

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