Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alexandra Wallace of UCLA rap

This one goes out to UCLA's Alexandra Wallace
How did this chick even get into college?
She hating on the Koreans, the Japanese, and the Chinese
and no one believes her fake apologies
She might have blonde hair and big tits
but it's not cool 2 be infamous with a viral hit
and to be known worldwide as a racist
Don't u know your video was disgusting and tasteless?
Getting death threats but I don't condone violence
Are u sure your major is political science?
U are no representative of the Bruins
No pity because your life is now in ruins
How does it feel to be called a "racist whore"
Guess u didn't expect all this uproar
You're a loser, u ain't winning like Charlie
Did your mom and dad put that racist bone in your body?
You are an embarrassment to all UCLA alums
No one like u should be admitted in if they act that dumb
Don't u know that u reap what u sow?
And now it's time for UCLA to let u go!

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