Monday, August 8, 2011

My thoughts on Tony Bruno's racist tweet on Ramon Ramirez and calling Bruce Bochy a coward

Sports radio host Tony Bruno made a stupid mistake Friday night by calling San Francisco Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez an "illegal alien" on Twitter.

I believe he should be fired for making that racist tweet. A public figure like Bruno should not let everyone know his racist thoughts. It's alright if he is talking to his friends at a bar and calls Ramirez a racist term but it is not ok for him to say it on the radio airwaves or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Bruno quickly backtracked and deleted the tweet but it was too late. Some of his followers smartly copied and pasted the tweet which you can see here.

Bruno has a Facebook fan page and there were hundreds of supporters commenting on his wall and telling Bruno how much they love him and will still listen to him. Many sports fans were mad at him too and called him a racist.

I bashed Bruno on his Facebook page for offending Asian Americans in the past with some of his jokes and he decided to reply to me even though I was one of many people that criticized him. Here is what he said to me -

"Get some facts Derek. I never offended Asians. All I did was NOT label Shaquille O Neal a "racist" when other PC talking heads were quick to call him a racist when he made a dumb fake Chinese accent in regards to Yao Ming coming into the league many years ago. Some bogus blogger wrote a fraudulent blog to the Chinese community. I brought him on the air for a debate on his "facts" and he cowered like the publicity seeking fraud he turned out to be. You need a listen on facts Mr Wizzle. You seem to be a guy who likes the victim card, not me"

I replied back to him by asking him if he honestly never made any Asian jokes and luaghed at the expense of Asians. And here was his reply to that -

"Derek Wizzle talks tough for a young dude with zero cred other than writing for a paper given away for free - which no one reads. You'll never get a real job in this industry by posting negative nonsense about someone you don't know who actually is respected by most in the biz."

Are you trying to scare me Mr.Bruno? I won't get a real job in this industry because I criticized you and called you out? You have that much power? I guess I better go back to school then and find another profession.

Who respects you? I don't and many fans don't because of both your racist tweets and fake insincere apologies.

I decided to reply back with "Tony Bruno talks tough for a old dude with zero cred other than being a Philly homer."

Bruno got so incensed at my comments that he quickly deleted all my comments and his comments towards me as well. He sure has a quick trigger on that delete button.

I'm not even a Tony Bruno hater. I've heard his radio show many times in the past. I think he has a good radio voice and he is often lively and energetic on the air. He can also be funny at times although most of his jokes aren't that funny anymore because I think he tries too hard.

The only reason I criticized him is because the criticism is warranted. I talked to many Latino men and women over the weekend and told them about the racist tweet. All of them were angry and mad about it and they all wanted Bruno to be fired.

Will he get fired? Highly unlikely. I don't even know if he will get suspended.

I am amused by Bruno saying that I seem like a guy that likes to play the victim card and not him. He's been telling everyone that he is getting death threats now and mean messages. Who's the poor victim now Tony? Who is pretending to be the victim?

Bruno called Giants' manager Bruce Bochy a coward but the real coward is Bruno.

Bruno has said recently that he has been in the industry for 40 years. I say the coward has been on the air for 40 years too long.

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PookahSF said...

And we all know racism wasn't a problem 40 years ago!