Friday, August 5, 2011

Video of San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies Brawl

There was a bench clearing brawl tonight in the game between the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

San Francisco Giants' reliever Ramon Ramirez hit Shane Victorino in the back with a pitch and Victorino got mad and tried to approach the mound. Giants' catcher Eli Whiteside got in front of Victorino but then Phillies' third baseman Placido Polanco started to approach Whiteside from his blind side so Whiteside tackled Polanco.

Below is the video of what happened after that. I posted two videos just in case one gets deleted by MLB.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. The Giants are frustrated. The Phillie are good, but waaay too cocky.

I hope the Giants meet them in the playoffs again and find a way to hand them their lunch!

Anonymous said...

How are the Phillies cocky? Pretty sure they were riddled with injuries in the start of the season and still held the best record in baseball. Confident? Sure I would be to. But I dont see cocky