Friday, September 23, 2011

Video:Rashad Evans talks about Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson

Rashad Evans did an interview with Comcast Sports Bay Area earlier today and talked about the UFC 135 matchup between Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson. Evans will be at ringside tomorrow night to see who he will be facing in his next fight. The former UFC light heavyweight champion said that Jones expects an easy fight against Rampage and that he has not pushed himself to put it on him. Evans saw Rampage at the MusclePharm gym and was impressed with some of the training that Rampage was doing. Evans also said that Jones is cockier than Rampage and has the bigger ego. Here are some quotes from Evans about Jones. "This kid tries to play it off like he's humble but he's not humble. He's very very cocky and he has a lot of people fooled. If you listen to him and see him speak, you can pick up on it and I'm not just saying to hate, it's the truth." "I don't think Jones is battle-ready if it gets ugly. There have been times when in practice, I was going on him and he really couldn't have his way with me, and I saw him mentally start to break."

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