Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why the San Francisco Giants won't make the playoffs this season

The San Francisco Giants will not make the playoffs this season. They are six games back with 26 games left in the 2011 regular season.

I have been telling Giants' fans that the Arizona Diamondbacks were a viable threat since way back in May and June but no one really believed it. Giants' fans would call me crazy and they insisted that their pitching would lead them to the NL West title again.

Pitching can help you win a game but you need to be able to hit too. Fans of the Giants seemed to forget this due to last season's World Series title.

The Giants got hot the last few weeks of the season in 2010 and they were hitting a lot of homers thanks to guys like Pat Burrell and Juan Uribe. Burrell has been hurt all season and Uribe is now a Dodger.

Aubrey Huff has been horrible all season long and Andres Torres has shown everyone that 2010 was a fluke and that he is just a one year wonder.

The injuries to Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez also didn't help matters.

The Diamondbacks have a young star named Justin Upton and the Giants have a rookie who can't seem to hit a major league curveball in Brandon Belt.

The Giants have been selling out every game this year but you can expect there will be less fans in the stands in September. Some of their fans will probably jump off the bandwagon.

There will be shorter lines in the concession stands and the line to the bathroom won't be as long as well.

Merchandise sales will be affected negatively too. The illegal Giants' t-shirt stands on gas station corners will probably disappear and the Giants' booty shorts sold at Victoria's Secret will take a hit too.

Fans might think twice about buying expensive Belt jerseys too. Belt reminds me more of J.R. Phillips and Lance Niekro than he does of Will Clark at the moment.

Belt was supposed to be a Rookie of the Year candidate and be a better prospect than Freddie Freeman of the Braves but Freeman has exceeded all expectations while Belt has been a disappointment so far.

Starting pitching and the bullpen have been solid, but if your offense scores less than two runs a game, you don't stand a good chance of winning night after night.

The Diamondbacks have a great chance of sweeping the Giants this weekend in San Francisco.

Most Giants' fans I have talked to are already talking about spring training in 2012 and admitting that the season is over.

2010 seems like a distant memory these days.

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