Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NFL Betting Lines and Tips for Week 9

There are 14 games this week in the NFL and only two games have double-digit favorites.

he three games that have totals of over 50 points are Giants vs Patriots (51.5 points), Packers vs Chargers (51 points), and Bucs vs Saints (over 50.5 points).

The Falcons, 49ers, and the Packers are the only three teams that are road favorites.

49ers vs Redskins has the lowest total at 37.5 points due to the fact that the 49ers like to run the ball a lot and have a great defense. The Redskins have all sorts of issues as well due to injuries and they were shut out last week.

The best chance for an upset might come in the Saints vs Bucs game since this is a divisional game and the Bucs had a bye week to prepare for the Saints. The Bucs won at home against the Saints a few weeks ago.

The Bucs also will get their starting running back LaGarrette Blount back for the game. He must be licking his chops since Steven Jackson of the Rams ran for 159 yards against the poor Saints' defense last Sunday.

There is no line in the Rams vs Cardinals game yet due to the questionable status of Cardinals' QB Kevin Kolb.

Oakland is favored by 8.5 over the Broncos at home. This will be Carson Palmer's debut as the starting QB for the Raiders. Is he stil rusty? He threw a few interceptions two weeks ago against the Chiefs and he was an interception machine last year with the Bengals as well.

I would not trust Palmer until he proves to me that he still is a NFL caliber QB. The guy just throws too many interceptions for my liking and he has no mobility and speed at all.

With that being said, I don't trust Tim Tebow and the Broncos either.

The Bills are favored by 1.5 over the Jets at home. This could be the toughest matchup for bettors this week. Both teams are hot and the Jets are coming off a bye week. The Bills have a great offense but the Jets might just have the right players on defense to contain them.

Are the Colts the worst team in the NFL right now? The Falcons are a 7 point favorite on the road and they should easily handle the Colts.

The Colts do play better at home though even though they are 0-8. Their best bet to win their first game of the season might come on November 13 when they play the Jags at home.

The Chiefs take on the winless Dolphins this week at home and are 4 point favorites. I see the Chiefs winning this game but the Chiefs might suffer a letdown due to their big victory vs the Chargers on Monday night.

Tom Brady and the Patriots take on Eli Manning and the Giants this week and this should be a very high-scoring game as both these teams love to pass the ball and are very good at it.

The Giants don't have a good run game now but Manning can easily carve up the Patriots' woeful secondary. If Brady gets time to throw, he will have a great game as well. The only corner he might try to avoid is Corey Webster.

The Ravens go on the road to take on the Steelers and are 3.5 point underdogs. The Ravens destroyed the Steelers at home 35-7 in week 1 and you can expect the Steelers to play better this time and try to seek revenge.

How can bettors trust the Ravens right now? They don't play well on the road besides their win against the Rams in St.Louis and QB Joe Flacco is wildly inconsistent.

The Eagles are 8 point favorites over the Bears in the Monday Night Football game. The Bears have a good offense that can be explosive when the the offensive line gives Jay Cutler enough time to pass. Matt Forte is one of the best playmakers in the game right now as well.

The advantage the Eagles have is that they are at home and their WRs should win the matchups against the Bears' secondary. The Bears' safeties are young and raw and Michael Vick can take full advantage of them

Andre Johnson is still injured and questionable against the Browns but the Texans (11 point favorites) should win easily at home. The Browns have a solid defense but they have zero playmakers on offense right now.

QB Colt McCoy hasn't been impressive at all and injuries to the WR and RB positions have hurt the Browns' chances to be productive on offense. This will be the second game in a row on the road for the Browns.

Is there any chance the Seahawks can upset the Cowboys in Texas? The Saints were upset by the Rams last week but the Rams were at home and they had a good ground game.

The Cowboys are mad after losing badly to the Eagles and all hell will break loose if they somehow lose to Seattle. Don't expect it to happen. The Seahawks offense is pathetic and they only average 77.7 yards per game on the ground.

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