Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NFL Betting Tips and Breakdown for Week 10

There are no more bye weeks for NFL teams so there's a lot of games to bet on in Week 10.

The NFL has a Thursday night game with the Chargers(-7) at home against the Raiders. The total is 48.

I expected the total to be high since both teams had high-scoring games last Sunday. What bettors must take into account is that the scores last week wouldn't have been so high if not for special teams touchdowns and turnovers.

The larguest spread and highest total this week comes in the Monday Night game as the Packers are 13.5 favorites against the Vikings with a total of 51.5.

The lowest total is 37.5 and that is the total for both the Rams vs Browns game and the Redskins vs Dolphins game.

There is no line yet for the Cardinals vs Eagles game due to the injury status of Cardinals' QB Kevin Kolb.

Six favorites this week are favored by 3 points and one team (49ers) is favored by 3.5 points.

Four road teams are favorite this week and they are the Jaguars -3 over the Colts, the Steelers -3 over the Bengals, the Texans -3 over the Bucs, and the Ravens -7 over the Seahawks.

The marquee games to watch this week are the Steelers vs Bengals, Giants vs 49ers, Raiders vs Chargers, Broncos vs Chiefs, Lions vs Bears, Saints vs Falcons, and Patriots vs Jets.

All of these games have playoff and division title implications.

As we get into the cold winter months, weather should be a factor in the next few weeks.

Bettors must remember that any team can win on any given Sunday and that a team that played well last week might not play well the following week. You can look no further than the Kansas City Chiefs for an example.

The Chiefs played reasonably well when they took down the Chargers on Monday Night Football in overtime but they had a huge letdown last Sunday and lost at home to the previously winless Dolphins by 28 points.

The Broncos lost by 35 to the Lions and came back to beat the Raiders on the road by 14.

Every week is different. Teams that have big wins one week will eventually have a letdown. A team that got clobbered one week can improve and upset a favorite the next week.

Teams that could have a letdown after big wins last week are the Ravens, Bears, Broncos, and Giants.

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