Sunday, April 22, 2012

UFC fighters Marcus Brimage and Maximo Blanco have a tumbling competition after their fight is over

The first fight of the night at UFC 145 in Atlanta was not very eventful as Marcus Brimage defeated Maximo Blanco by decision after three boring rounds.

After the fight was over, Brimage tried to insinuate that Blanco was running away from him during the fight so he mimicked Blanco and started to run around the cage. Brimage then started to do cartwheels and backflips, and Blanco returned the favor much to the delight of the sold out crowd in Atlanta.

Who knew that there would be a tumbling competition after a UFC fight? Too bad the fight between Brimage and Blanco was such a dud but their tumble-off sure got some cheers from the fans.

Next time, let's see some big heavyweight fighters try to attempt some backflips and cartwheels after a fight.


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