Monday, May 28, 2012

Kobe Bryant goes "Face to Face" with Hannah Storm

Hannah Storm of ESPN did an in-depth interview with Kobe Bryant which was featured on a show called "Face to Face."

In the interview, Storm asked Bryant about his early days as a teenager playing for the Lakers, his crazy work ethic, and helping the homeless near the STAPLES Center.

Bryant also talked about how when he was a kid in Philly, he would play pick-up ball all summer and score no points. Bryant said, "I'm like getting crushed out here. It was embarrassing for my father because my father was a Philly legend."

The Lakers superstar said that he developed his fierce will to win from his mother. Bryant said his mother was always the feisty and competitive one while his father was happy-go-lucky.

As for all his injuries, Bryant said he ignores them. Bryant said pain and struggle can be enjoyable at times since it is just another challenge.

In big games, Bryant prefers to be sick or injured because it slows the game down. He said he doesn't try to do too much and just keeps things simple when he is sick or injured.

Storm also asked Bryant about his passion for the game. Bryant said he didn't know he had a crazy work ethic until he found out other players in the NBA didn't stay in the gym or take as many shots in the summer as him.

Bryant admitted that 16 years in the NBA is a long time to be playing and he doesn't know if he will lose his passion for the game first or will the young guys "run me out the gym to the point they just beat me to submission."

The full video of Storm's interview with Bryant is below.