Thursday, May 3, 2012

The San Francisco Giants are in big trouble without Pablo Sandoval

It is no fun to be a San Francisco Giants fan right now. The team is in fourth place in the NL West and just got swept by the Miami Marlins.

Pablo Sandoval is out with a left hand injury and will be gone for about six weeks. His replacement is Conor Gillaspie.

Gillaspie appears to be nothing more than a singles hitter and that is not good.

Brian Wilson is out for the year and Freddy Sanchez keeps on having setbacks while rehabbing his shoulder injury.

There's not a lot out there in the trade market right now so the Giants are stuck with what they have.

The Giants got rid of Mike Fontenot and Jeff Keppinger and are stuck with infielders like Ryan Theriot, Manny Burriss, and Brandon Crawford.

Crawford was supposed to be great on defense but he keeps hurting the team with his critical errors at shortstop. He had two bad errors today in the 3-2 loss vs. the Marlins this afternoon.

The G-men don't have a wide margin for error and the mistakes by Crawford on the field are unacceptable. Crawford gives the offense absolutely nothing so the only way he will continue to get starts is due to his glove.

Being five games back in early May is not bad but when the Panda comes back, how many games will they be back of first place?

The starting pitching has been solid but the starters can't go all nine innings in every game. Why pay Matt Cain all that money when you need some more power in your offense?

Tim Lincecum has struggled all season and has a 5.74 ERA coming into Friday's game vs. the Brewers. He most likely will be in for another rough outing Friday night when Ryan Braun and gang comes to town.

Opposing teams will now focus on Buster Posey and Melky Cabrera since the Panda is out. The good news is that Aubrey Huff will return on Monday.

The Giants need to play Huff at third, put Posey at first, and have Hector Sanchez behind the plate in order to get their best hitters in the lineup.

Gregor Blanco has been playing well of late but the Giants would have been better off with signing Jerry Hairston Jr. in the offseason. Hairston Jr. signed with the Dodgers.

It's no fun going to the ballpark and watching a pathetic offense night in and night out. It gets very frustrating.

The 2011 offense was horrendous and even the 2010 World Series team wasn't that great on offense. The 2010 team was lucky to get into the playoffs and got hot at the right time.

The Giants won't be getting any outside help right now to bolster their woeful offense so they must try to get the bats going with their current roster.

Can they do it? Probably not. Unless Huff turns back the clock and Gillaspie surprises everyone, it will be up to Cain and Madison Bumgarner to shutout teams every fifth day in order for the Giants to win.

It seems like this season is lost before it ever got started.

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