Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texas Rangers broadcaster Dave Barnett speaks nonsense and loses his mind during Rangers vs. Padres game

Texas Rangers broadcaster Dave Barnett lost his mind Monday night during the Rangers vs. Padres game in San Diego.

During the eighth inning, Barnett said the "go-ahead run is at fifth" even though there is no such thing as a fifth base in baseball. Barnett proceeded to then talk about a "botched robbery" and "henchmen."

Barnett sounded like a man drunk. What happened? Who knows? It could be a medical condition.

All I know is that the fans watching the broadcast were probably very confused.


Anonymous said...

wierdo!!! wtf man!! Fire his ass!

Anonymous said...

Dude,,,Just say No to drugs

Anonymous said...

Dude.... Learn to recognize the symptoms of a stroke or other medical emergency.... not so funny, is it?

Anonymous said...

Yes...This is a serious neurological situation. He can only hope it IS a migrain, and not a stroke. It could be a Seizure.

Anonymous said...

I had a stroke, and it was just like this! I started talking a bunch of nonsense and sounding drunk & confused. I pray he is ok and gets the medical help he needs!