Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sacramento State player hits a 75 footer to beat Weber State in overtime

I saw the craziest basketball game and the wildest finish that I have ever seen on Saturday night when Sacramento State defeated Weber State in overtime 78-75.

The refs called a technical foul on the Sacramento State coach for arguing during a crucial point in overtime which almost cost the Hornets the game but Davion Berry of Weber State missed both technical free throws.

With Sacramento State down by a point, the refs called two technicals on Weber State in the final minute of overtime. The first technical was for calling a timeout when they had none left and the other one was for Weber State's coach arguing on the sidelines.

Was that a make-up call for calling a technical on Sacramento State? It sure seems like it.

The Hornets made all four technical free throws to go up 75-72 with about 10 seconds left when Berry tied the game with a clutch three-pointer with about two seconds left and then Dylan Garrity hit a miraculous 75 footer to end the game.

Here are videos from the game.

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