Friday, September 11, 2015

FanDuel Thoughts and Tips for 9/11/15

Royals at Orioles

Left handed hitters are hitting .343 off of Wright

Blue Jays at Yankees

Tulo is 4 for his last 30.

Brewers at Pirates

Nelson gave up one run and four hits to beat the Pirates at home on 9/1.

He is 4-1 with a 1.72 ERA against the Pirates in five starts this season.

Lefties are hitting .300 against him and righties are only hitting .198.

Braun is 12 for his last 27 and 8 for 23 off of Morton.

Tigers at Indians

Carlos Santana has six homers off of Verlander but just 11 for 50 overall.

Anderson beat the Tigers in his last start by going 7 innings and giving up 0 runs and two hits.

Miggy Cabrera is 5 for his last 26 and batting .192.

Cardinals at Reds

Lackey's road ERA is 4.12 compared to his home ERA which is 2.01.  Joey Votto has two homers off of Lackey.

Lorenzen is giving up a lot of hits to lefties and they are hitting .325 off of him.

Nats at Marlins

Gonzalez gave up no runs and had 10 ks in his last start vs. Atlanta.

Escobar is 13 for his last 25 but he has been sick and might not play.

Harper is 10 for his last 23.

Cole Gillespie is 14 for 37 vs. lefties. Dee Gordon is batting .343 vs lefties and Marcell Ozuna is batting .342.

Martin Prado is 32 for 99 vs. lefties.

Ichiro Suzuki is 23 for 77 off lefties and has hit Gio well in the past.

Red Sox at Rays

David Ortiz has two homers off Archer and is 7-20 lifetime

Mets at Braves

Cespedes is 14 for his last 37 with 5 homers and 13 RBIs.

Wisler is letting lefties hit .340 off of him.

As at Rangers

Prince Fielder is 5-9 with a homer off of Chavez but he is 2 for his last 22. He is a bargain though tonight at $2700 and playing at home vs. Chavez.

Chavez has given up 18 homers and 14 of them were to lefties.

Colby Lewis has 14 wins but a 4.68 ERA.  He has given up 24 homers.

Beltre is 2 for his last 27.

I will have a stack of 4 Rangers in one LU tonight.

Twins at White Sox

Johnson has given up two homers to lefties.

Dodgers at Dbacks

Gonzalez is  4 for his last 20.

Astros at Angels

David Freese is 8-16 off of Keuchel.

Keuchel is 4-6 with a 3.35 ERA on the road.

Rockies at Mariners

Righties hit better off of Bettis than lefties.

Trumbo and Seager have been on fire for the Mariners.

Charlie Blackmon is 3 for his last 24.

Padres at Giants

Buster Posey is 10 for 20 vs Cashner

13 of the 18  homers Cashner has given up have been to lefties.

Justin Upton is 7 for 14 off of Peavy.

Cubs at Phillies

Asher has been smashed in his first two MLB starts.


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