Friday, August 3, 2007

Analysis of Thursday MLB Action

The Mets destroyed the Brewers as Chris Capuano took the loss again. Capuano is now 5-8 after starting the season 5-0 and has not won in about 11 starts since his last victory. Ray Ratto, the San Francisco Chronicle and sometimes national columnist had him as a All Star candidate. I told Ratto that Capuano is inconsistent and he disagreed. Well, the numbers do not lie just like Shakira's hips. Capuano has not won since May 5!

The Giants won as Barry Zito pitched a solid game as I thought he would. The reason is he has a lot of friends in LA and wanted to have a good showing plus he probably wanted to stick it to Dodger fan and ex girlfriend Alyssa MIlano as well. ZIto is not as bad as his 8-11 record just as Noah Lowry is not as good as his 12-7 record. I believe Bonds will not hit any home runs until next week at home. I will be there next week until he hits it. Watch for more footage next week right here!

The Yankees lost 13-9 at home to the White Sox. Roger Clemens got booed off the field. The Yankees scored 8 runs in th 2nd inning to tie up the score at 8 but the White Sox eventually won this slugfest. The Yankees play Kansas City all weekend so they should sweep the series.

In San Diego, Jake Peavy pitched a great game as the Padres won 11-0 over Arizona. Arizona is in first place in the West and will face the Dodgers this weekend. Giants face the Padres
starting tonight as Cain faces Maddux.

In Florida, the Marlins lost again to the Rockies 4-3. I heard that there were only about 3,000 fans at the game!

Those are the hightlights of yesterday's action.


Anonymous said...

What is Ratto smoking? Chris Capuano? He sucks! Humans make errors and Ratto is human; I will give him that.

Zito is overvalued and perhaps the biggest bust acquisition in a long time. He beat the Dodgers and looked good against them. Is this the sign of a turnaround?

The Yankee fans are always loud and proud and will really give it to you if you don't perform. Hope the Rocket has a better outing next time out.

Hope to see Bonds hit it out at AT&T Park!

D Wizzle said...

Bonds will take sunday off and maybe hit the HR off Matt Morris!!