Monday, March 3, 2008

Giants Off To A Bad Start in 2008

The San Francisco Giants are off to a terrible start in 2008. This was expected as life without Barry Bonds won't be a lot of fun for Giants fans.

The supposed strength of the team was their pitchers but they have looked terrible this spring. Noah Lowry walked nine batters today as his control problems persist. Barry Zito did not fare too well in his first start and had no control of his off-speed pitches. The only starting pitcher that has gotten off to a good start is Matt Cain.

Life in the clubhouse might be better without Bonds, but this team will be hard pressed to stay out of last place all season long. Chemistry on the team is a lot better with Aaron Rowand joining the roster. He brings a tough attitude to the ballpark every game and you know he will hustle on every play. He also appears to be already well-liked by his teammates.

I saw a newspaper ad today for the Giants with a picture of Rowand at bat. The ad says "Aaron is a Gamer." Does this mean that Rowand is a fan of the Nintendo Wii? Besides sporting a bad team, the Giants decided to include a terrible ad campaign to go along with it. It won't be pretty this year. In fact, it will get real ugly before it gets any better.

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