Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MLB News and Notes 5/27

  • Ichiro made another great catch last night against the Red Sox. Video is below.
  • The media keeps on blasting Willie Randolph and want him to be fired but  Ned Yost of the Brewers and John McLaren of the Mariners are the real ones in hot water.
  • Willie Randolph  and Lou Piniella are both good managers but they both made critical mistakes managing games last week. Randolph had his reliever pitch to Matt Holliday in extra innings instead of walking Holliday to get to Garrett Atkins. Holliday ended the game with a hit driving in the runner on second base.  
  • Piniella had his reliever walk Pirates' OF Nate McLouth in order to pitch to Jason Bay in extra innings.Bay ended the game with a RBI single. Why would these two managers let their pitchers pitch to the opposing team's best hitter? It proved costly.
  • The Rockies are in deep trouble now and won't have much of an offense with Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe, Troy Tulowitzki, and Clint Barmes all on the DL. The Rockies are a one year wonder.
  • Look out for Giants reliever Alex Hinshaw. He is a rookie that was just called up from Triple A Fresno and has looked very sharp. He is a lefty and so far has been very impressive.
  • Yesterday's Cubs vs Dodgers game was one of the more exciting 3-1 games you will ever see. There were lots of opportunities for both teams to have big innings but excellent pitching prevented more than four runs being scored in the game.
  • David Wright of the Mets is batting .458 against lefties but only .222 against righties. He faces a lefty in Andrew Miller tonight.
  • Two of the hottest teams in the AL face off tonight in Oakland when the Blue Jays take on the A's. 
  • One of the best pitching matchups tonight will be in Arizona when Tim Lincecum faces off against Dan Haren.

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