Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MLB News and Notes: 5/28

  • The Reds called up OF Jay Bruce and he went 3-3 last night. Bruce is the latest rookie phenom to hit the big leagues. The Reds will now have two young offensive players in their lineup with Bruce and Joey Votto. 
  • A terrible organization such as the Giants brings up a kid named John Bowker and the fans get excited. Other teams such as the Reds bring up a stud like Bruce. This is why the Giants are such a bad team. They don't have much talent in the minors.
  • Tampa Bay has been one of the best and surprising teams in the AL this season. The Rays should have dropped "Devil" from their name a long time ago.  The Rays are now 32-21 after this morning's big win against Texas.
  • Justin Upton of  Arizona is really struggling and has not had a hit in his last 24 at-bats. 
  • Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum should make the All Star Game. He is one of the best young pitchers in baseball and has seven wins.
  • The best pitching match-up tonight is in Oakland when Roy Halladay takes on Rich Harden. 
  • The Mets finally won a game last night. They will face lefty Scott Olsen tonight. The Mets are 12-5 vs lefties.
  • The Orioles will go for the rare sweep against the Yankees tonight. Jeremy Guthrie opposes Andy Pettite. Guthrie is a very good young pitcher who often doesn't get much offensive support in his starts. 
  • The umpires in baseball have blown many calls this season and I am not just talking about the recent  blown home run calls. The players and fans are all angry.  Umpires also have been quick to eject players even though they have often been the ones baiting the players. 
  • Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News said that no one misses Barry Bonds. That's one of the dumbest statements I ever read. The fans in San Francisco all miss Bonds and so do most of his teammates. The teammates that don't miss him are the ones that don't care about winning. 
  • The Royals might have the most inept offense in the big leagues. They have now lost nine in a row. The good news is that their ace Zack Greinke is pitching tonight.
  • The Braves are unbeatable at home but they have not proven they can win on the road. They only scored two runs against Dave Bush and the Brewers in a 3-2 loss last night. 
  • Instead of pitching to Russell Branyan last night in the eighth inning, the Braves decided to pitch to J.J. Hardy instead and it cost them the lead when Hardy hit a single off Tim Hudson.  Was it Bobby Cox's decision or Hudson's to walk Branyan and pitch to Hardy?  Cox is overrated as a manager and I never thought he was such a great strategist at all. He has made many mistakes over the years.

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