Tuesday, September 9, 2008

49ers Coach Mike Nolan's Press Conference Notes

  •  Arizona's offense ran 40 offensive plays to the 49ers' 15 offensive plays in the second half
  • Did not blame J.T. O'Sullivan fully for the interception because the route could have been ran better
  • Talked to Alex Smith and said that Smith is very disappointed about his injury
  • Has talked about bringing in another QB on the roster
  • Justin Smith played all  73 snaps on defense.
  • Believes this year's football team is better than last year's even though the team is  0-1


Anonymous said...

sounds like a boring stupid presser. fuck nolan fuck JTO fuck u too

Anonymous said...

At least we are still better than the Raiders ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

How many more weeks of this until the Warriors play? I can't stand this team. It is high time they give the walking papers to Nolan. They can go to San Jose for all I care. A expansion team can do better than this sorry suckers