Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Coaches In Danger of Being Fired

Here is a list of NFL coaches who risk getting fired unless their teams start to win some games and show improvement.

Romeo Crennel of the Browns -  Crennel's team is 0-2 and playing very poorly. This team looks like a one year wonder after having a great year last season, but starting off terribly in 2008.  Crennel has made some poor decisions managing the game last week against Pittsburgh. 

Herman Edwards of the Chiefs - Another black coach on the firing line? Yes. Edwards has a bad team and he could be the one taking the fall. I don't think it is all his fault though as the QB situation is a mess. He should be fine this season but the Chiefs really need to get a real starting QB.

Lane Kiffin of the Raiders - Kiffin looks like he will be fired sooner than later. He doesn't get along with the owner, Al Davis, or the defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan. My sources tell me the players like Kiffin but don't care if he is fired either. 

Brad Childress of the Vikings - The Vikings are 0-2 and don't have a legitimate starting QB. Childress was supposed to be an offensive guru but the Vikings have not had an explosive offense since he was hired.

Rod Marinelli of the Lions - Lions are also 0-2 and their defense stinks. Marinelli  is supposed to know defense but his team has given up over 30 points a game this year. This does not bold well for Marinelli.

Jon Gruden of the Bucs - This guy keeps hanging on as coach but for how long? Another bad season and the fans and ownership might want him out.

Scott Linehan of the Rams - Linehan might be the first coach fired in 2008. The Rams could be the worst team in the NFC. The players don't like him or respect him. He seems to have lost control of his team.

Mike Nolan of the 49ers - My guess is he will be fired right after the 49ers lose to Seattle on October 26. He should have been fired a long time ago.

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