Saturday, November 29, 2008

NBA News and Notes For 11/29/08

I said in yesterday's News and Notes that the Warriors are the worst defensive team in the NBA. They proved me right when they gave up 138 points to the Knicks tonight, and lost 138-125. I think the guys at  my local YMCA play better defense than any of the Warriors.  

The Warriors gave up 37 points and 21 boards tonight to David Lee. I don't think Lee will ever have as great a night as he had tonight in his career.

Anthony Morrow has come back to earth for the Warriors. After scoring 37 and 25 points in his first two games as a starter, he has shot poorly since then.  

Baron Davis is the biggest free agent disappointment so far. He has played very poorly, and his teammates are not helping him either. The Clippers offense is very stagnant and Davis is shooting a very poor percentage. His decision-making has been terrible as well. He often just jacks up jumpers  and three-pointers that don't fall, and he made a bad decision  passing the ball to Marcus Camby in the final seconds of a game this week against the Nuggets. Camby had an open 3 which didn't fall and the Nuggets won by one point.  

Davis' defense is also very poor this season. 

I don't think Eddie Jordan should have been fired, but Mike Dunleavy should definitely have been fired a long time ago. The Clippers are 2-13.

P.J. Carlisimo should never have been hired as coach  of the Sonics. Scottie Brooks is a young coach and I think he will do a better job with the youngsters the Thunder have than Carlisimo. 

One of my favorite players to watch play is Devin Haris of the Nets. His play this season will make the Mavs wonder why they traded him for the aging Jason Kidd. Harris is a defensive nightmare for all the point guards in the NBA because he is one of the fastest players in the league.  He had 34 points tonight against the Jazz. He loves  to do spin moves to get free for a jumper. 

The Nets have a lot of good young players on their roster who will only improve as the season goes along. Players such as Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson, and Yi Jianlian give hope to all the fans in New Jersey.

The Thunder had a big win tonight on the road against another young team in the Memphis Grizzlies. Jeff Green hit some key 3s to help them win. 

Can you believe the Timberwolves traded O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love? Love will never be a superstar or sell tickets. Mayo is already beginning to assert himself as a good scorer in the league, and a future star. Love won't be as good as his ex UCLA teammates, Russsell Westbrook and Luc Richard Mbah A Moute.

Westbrook is playing well with the Thunder and Mbah A Moute is playing good defense and even scoring points for the Bucks.

The reason the Timberwolves won't be good this year is because their backcourt is too inconsistent. You just don't know what you will be getting each night from guards Randy Foye and Sebastian Telfair.

The Cavs are a very quiet 14-3. Everyone talks about the Pistons and the Celtics, but the Cavs just keep on winning without much fanfare.

The Hawks should be getting forward Josh Smith back soon. I can't wait to see him return to this team. I like watching Smith play because of his tremendous athleticism which makes him able to make a lot of highlight-reel dunks and monster blocks.

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Anonymous said...

I like Devin Harris too. I am glad someone is giving him his due and talking about him. That boy can ball!!