Monday, December 1, 2008

NBA News and Notes for 12/1/08

The Pistons lost again on Sunday. They have not won on a Sunday this season. Just like most people, the Pistons like to take Sundays off.  

Do I have to talk about Nets guard Devin Harris every single day? Harris had 47 points last night against the Suns. Did anyone expect Steve Nash to stop him if Deron Williams could not on Saturday? 

The Nets beat the Suns last night 117-109 and avenged their 28 point defeat to the Suns a few weeks ago.

One of the biggest disappointments this season has to be the Sixers. They were supposed to be contenders after they obtained Elton Brand but so far, they have been mediocre with a 7-10 record.

I didn't know Stephon Marbury was such a funny dude. His quotes concerning his predicament with the Knicks  are classic.  Among other things he said to the media, he said he could not trust Mike D"Antoni with walking his dog across the street. 

There are only three games on the schedule tonight. The best game to watch will be the Heat vs. the Warriors.

Look for D-Wade to have a great game and many highlight-reel dunks against the pathetic Warriors. Who is going to stop Michael Beasley? Corey Maggete? I don't think so.  

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