Monday, December 1, 2008

NFL News and Notes For 12/1/08

Plaxico Burress might face jail time if he is found guilty. ESPN reported the minimum sentence if he is charged would be two years. Does the NYPD have anything else to do besides investigating this case? Enough already.  I don't have a problem with high-profile stars like Burress carrying a gun to protect himself against haters.  He is not a criminal  but he is handcuffed on television.  I hate seeing black athletes get in trouble with the law like this and how the media makes Burress out to be such a bad guy.  If Buress is let go by the Giants, there will be many teams ready to sign him.

My pick right now for the Super Bowl would be the Giants and the Steelers. They are the two best teams in the NFL in my opinion.

Interim Raider coach Tom Cable is just a terrible head coach. I doubt he will be back next season. Cable decided to  go for a fake field goal on 4th and 10 in the first half of the game against the Chiefs.  The trick play did not work as a Chiefs player, Maurice Leggett, grabbed the fumble from kicker Sebastian Janikowski, and ran 64 yards the other way for a touchdown to make it 10-3. 

Later in the first half, Cable decided to have his offense go for it on 4th and 3 when they should have kicked a FG to cut the Chiefs' lead to 10-6. Instead,  Jamarcus Russell throws an incompletion into the end zone, and the Raiders once again come up with zero points. 

The local media is saying that Cable cost them the game because of his bonehead move on the 4th and  10 play, but that is not necessarily the case. The Raiders tied the game up at 10 in the second half, and had countless chances to win the game, but their offense is just too pathetic to drive down the field. 

Jamarcus Russell is the worst starting quarterback in the league. He was 10-28 and very inaccurate with his throws. I hope this guy improves because right now, he is looking like a bust. 

I was not too surprised by the Jets loss to the Broncos because the Jets  were due to suffer a letdown after their big win on the road the week before against the Titans. It is hard to get up for all 16 games, and this was the letdown game for the Jets. They play in San Francisco next week against the 49ers. 

The 49ers became the first West Coast team to win a morning game in the East Coast when they went to Buffalo and defeated the Bills 10-3. If the 49ers keep winning and playing hard, it might be difficult for the 49ers to not give the head coach job to interim coach Mike Singletary.

If Mike Martz leaves next year as offensive coordinator for the 49ers, maybe Norv Turner could return to the team as their offensive coordinator. Turner should be fired as head coach of the Chargers after this season. He is a great offensive mind, but a terrible head coach who has never had any success as the main man. He has made many terrible  in-game decisions as coach of the Chargers.

Romeo Crennel of the Browns will probably be let go after this season too. I wonder if the Bengels will fire Marvin Lewis.

The two top candidates for Coach of the Year are Tony Sparano of Miami and Mike Smith of Atlanta.

There will be a lot of job openings in the NFL after this season is over for head coaches. There should be no way that Rod Marinelli keeps his job as Lions head coach. The Lions have a good shot at going 0-16. Their last four games are against Minnesota, at Indy, New Orleans, and at Green Bay.  

I think someone should give Texas Tech coach Mike Leach a chance to be an offensive coordinator in this league.  

The team with the best chance  to dethrone the Giants in the NFC is the Dallas Cowboys.

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