Monday, April 20, 2009

UFC 97: Another Bad Show

UFC 97 was one of the worst shows on pay-per-view that I have ever seen. The only fight that I was looking forward to watching was the Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun Rua bout which did not disappoint. I did not care for the rest of the card.

Who buys a pay-per-view to watch former WEC fighters like Brian Stann and Steve Cantwell in the Octagon? Why were they even on the main card?

Fans who watched the pay-per-view to see Anderson Silva deliver a knockout to Thales Leites were truly disappointed as the title fight went five rounds without much action.
The crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal were booing during the whole fight.

This match-up was a mismatch to begin with and should never even have been booked. Fans and Dana White are blaming the UFC middleweight champion for not being aggressive enough, but maybe the fans and White should blame another Silva instead.

Why did Joe Silva, UFC's matchmaker, sign this fight? No one gave Leites a shot at winning, and there were other fighters more deserving of a title shot such as Yushin Okami.

Okami has already defeated Silva once already, and it would be interesting to see a rematch between the two.

Okami won by disqualification due to an illegal kick by Silva.

None of the other matches were all that great on Saturday night besides the Liddell vs. Rua battle.

I was more entertained by the Shamrock vs. Diaz event that Strikeforce held a week ago.

The UFC and White can apologize to the fans, but they should lower the price of the pay-per-view shows instead. Most of their shows are not worth $39.99 at all. Fans are wishing they could have had a refund after Saturday night's horrendous show.

Let's hope UFC 98 will be better but I am not counting on it. The main event could be another boring affair when Rashad Evans takes on Lyoto Machida.

The undercard is very underwhelming as well, but I am looking forward to watching the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes grudge match.

UFC 97 was a big letdown to a lot of fans, and the pay-per-views are getting more expensive and less entertaining.


GG said...

Unfortunately, Okami/Silva might be an even more "no buys" fight than this one was. Thankfully for the buy rate, Chuck was on the card.

I think Maia and Bisping are ok fights, but the best drawing fight at middleweight would be Wanderlei and Anderson.

We'll probably see GSP and Silva next year I'd bet.


Dana White said...

It was a great show u fucking asshole u motherfucking faggot u bitch fuck u!!!

Anonymous said...

War Anthony Silva War GSP its going to be a war!!!