Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC 97 Live PPV Blog

First match is underway on the main card. Steve Cantwell vs. Luiz Cane.

This should be a good fight. Cantwell is a former fighter from the WEC. He defeated Brian Stann in his last fight in the WEC.

Mario Yamasaki is the ref.

We are going to the second round now. I would give the first round to Cane 10-9.

It was a stand-up fight for the whole first round.

This fight looks like it might go the distance.

We are going to the third round now.

Cantwell wins the second round by being more aggressive and landing more combinations.

Mike Goldberg, the UFC play by play guy, said we should look for an uppercut by Cane with about two minutes left in the second round. And of course, the uppercut never came.

Cantwell's corner keeps on telling him to back up Cane.

This fight does go the distance was a stand-up war.

The judges will probably give the decision to Cane by unanimous decision. Cane landed a lot of nice knees and combinations in the last round.

Cane does win by unanimous decision.

Yoshihiro Akiyama is in attendence tonight. I don't think the crowd in Montreal knows who he is. Akiyama will be making his UFC debut against Alan Belcher in a future PPV.

The next fight now will be Antoni Hardonk vs. Cheick Kongo. This is a battle of heavyweights. You can expect another stand-up war in this one.

Hardonk is a kickboxer.

I would give the advantage to Kongo here. Kongo is a legitimate title contender if he wins tonight.

Both men are 6'4 and 33 years old.

Kongo is tentative to start out the first round.

Kongo had Hardonk against the cage and took him down. It looks like we will see a second round.

This is a very slow-paced first round but what do you expect from two big heavyweights?

Kongo has Hardonk on the mat now. The fight is now over as Kongo wins by TKO.

I missed the ending to this fight as I lost my feed for a minute.

The third match of the night is now underway. I can't spell this guy's name but I will try. Kristoff Szyonski vs. Brian Stann.

Should be another stand-up battle.

I am not interested in this fight at all. I think most fans just want to see the Liddell/Rua and Silva/Leites fights.

Syzonski wins by kimura in the first round.

We will probably see a taped prelim fight now before we have the Liddell vs. Rua fight.

We are not going to see a prelim fight now. They are going to have the co-main event right now!

Yamasaki is the ref. Rua just entered the cage.

Here comes The Iceman. I predict a win for Liddell.

If he loses, I hope no one asks him to retire.

Liddell does lose by TKO as Yamasaki stops the fight after a left hook floored Liddell and Rua rocked him with punches from the top.

Rogan asks if Liddell will retire and Liddell says he is not sure. He did not have much of an explanation for the loss and said that not everything was firing tonight.

Liddell did look good until he got knocked out. He even took down Rua with under a minute left.

Liddell should fight someone not in the top 10 and get an easy win to get his confidence back.

Next fight is Sam Stout vs. Matt Wiman. This should be a stand-up war!

Stout wins by unanimous decision.

The main event ended after five rounds of boredom. Anderson Silva retains his UFC middleweight title against Thales Leites. Was Leites even a worthy challenger?

The UFC refuses to give Yushin Okami a title shot.

This card tonight was just horrific. That's all for tonight folks.

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