Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anderson Silva Saves A LackLuster UFC Show

I bought the UFC 101 pay-per-view for $44.95 on and watched it on the very small 600K media player that the website provided. The screen was so small that I had to click on "full screen" during some of the fights.

The whole show was a huge disappointment and very boring until Johnny Hendricks had a TKO win over Amir Sadollah in the first round. Anderson Silva saved the show by providing a great performance to the fans when he destroyed Forrest Griffin.

B.J. Penn's performance was impressive as well but his fight was not as exciting as Silva vs Griffin. Kenny Florian just didn't have enough tools in his toolbox to contend with Penn and he was totally outclassed.

The fans did not care about fighters such as Shane Nelson and Aaron Riley and the crowd went wild during their fight only because a big brawl broke out in the stands.

Kurt Pellegrino's win over Josh Neer was a good win for Pellegrino but it was not very exciting. Ricardo Almeida beat Kendall Grove but no one really cared about that one either.

Strikeforce has better shows than the UFC usually because they have five good match-ups on their main cards while the UFC likes to give you one or two match-ups with stars in it and the rest of the fights are with fighters that the fans don't care about at all.

I didn't pay $44.95 to watch Amir Sadollah in a pay-per-view or Ricardo Almeida. These guys should be fighting on free TV on Spike TV instead. I don't like paying so much money just to see one or two good fights but I don't have a choice if I want to see Silva fight.

Strikeforce can have better shows than the UFC because they don't have cards every month like the UFC does. The UFC has one or two shows a month and each card has about 10 fights.

I would pay to see fighters such as Silva, Penn, Tito Ortiz, Georges St.Pierre, and Anthony Johnson fight but the UFC needs to stop putting the Amir Sadollahs and Shane Nelsons on pay-per-view shows.


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