Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UFL Press Conference Introducing California Redwoods Team

The UFL had their press conference in San Francisco this morning to announce the team name for their California franchise and also unveil the team uniforms. The team name will be called the California Redwoods.

UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue and California Redwoods owner Paul Pelosi were on hand to speak at the press conference.

The coach of the new team is Dennis Green. The offensive coordinator is Mike Kruczek and the defensive coordinator is Brian Stewart.

Here is video of the press conference in three parts.


Anonymous said...

those uniforms suck!!!!

Roger Goodell said...

The UFL is going down

Anonymous said...

How can you be the Redwoods with no red colors? I like the Florida Tuckers better. Go Redwoods!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They will be the new version of the Mean Green !!!

Anonymous said...

Who was the UFL's uniform supplier, the YMCA?

Why is a team wearing league "flag" colors anyway? An All-Star roster,maybe...but the UFL was too small for that.

Oh, you got to love the helmet logo's being grey-scale, did they just rip the wood-grain from Jpeg's or something, it can't be that hard to work in some maroon red.

OTOH, the Redwoods were the 'Ofiicial' San Fran team (played most games in San Jose, though) so that explains the gaudy colors..they just got contractors from Castro District.