Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFC 126 Pre-fight Press Conference with Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort

The UFC had their pre-fight press conference earlier this afternoon and here are some news and notes from the presser.

In attendance were UFC President Dana White, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Ryan Bader, Rich Franklin, Jon Jones, Kid Yamamoto, and Forrest Griffin.

White started off the press conference by saying he is excited about the great card and Super Bowl weekend.

White said all the fans are talking about Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader. He said the event is sold out.

Kid Yamamoto's fight will be on Yamamoto told White that he will win Fight of the Night.

Yamamoto said that he is very excited about making his UFC debut and he never expected to fight in the UFC because the UFC didn't have his weight class before. He's excited to be fighting along with some of the best fighters in the world.

Silva did not have Ed Soares as a translator in the beginning of the presser.  Silva's translator was asked by White to translate a question asked by a Brazilian reporter, and the translator said he didn't hear the question. White was clearly annoyed by this and basically fired the translator.

Soares sat next to the translator and basically took the translator's job away from him.

Silva wore sunglasses at the presser. He said "The fight of the decade would be me fighting my clone. Some of the things I sacrifice to be the champ is being away from my family along with the bumps and bruises from training.

Belfort said "Without sacrifice, we cannot achieve anything."  He said he trained real hard for the fight and that Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

The challenger to the light middleweight title also said he doesn't have a lot of pressure right now and that he doesn't have to impress anyone anymore. He had a lot of pressure when he was 19 years old and fighting in the UFC but not now.

Cornering Belfort will be Ray Sefo, Randy Couture, and Neil Melanson.

.Jon Jones said he fights the body and not the name.

Ryan Bader said Jones is very talented, dynamic, and unorthodox.

Franklin said he isn't thinking of a shot at the title. The former teacher said he knows he is fighting a tough opponent and that he expects to have his afterparty at the ER.

Most of the questions asked by the media in attendance were by Brazilian reporters.

White had the fighters pose for pictures after the press conference was over and the most intense staredown was between Silva and Belfort.

UFC 126 is this Saturday night live on pay-per-view.

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