Wednesday, February 2, 2011

U.S. Homeland Security takes down many streaming websites showing UFC and sports streams

The U.S. Homeland Security Department has apparently shut down or seized the domains of many of the most popular streaming websites to watch sporting events such as,,, and

These websites streamed live sporting events such as NFL  and NBA games as well as UFC pay-per-views.
The UFC recently sued the website and they must be very thrilled about today's news.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is known to say "You can't stop the internet" but it looks like the UFC and the U.S. Homeland Department are trying to do its best to contain the illegal streams.

I wonder if there will be a bigger buy rate for UFC 126 this Saturday night due to the shutdown of many of these streaming sites.

Other websites will pop up and stream sporting events and the battle waged between the UFC and the websites that continue to host illegal streams will continue to go on.

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