Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FanDuel GPP Tournament Recap for 8/24/15

It's very important to recap and learn from previous FanDuel GPP tournaments in order to understand what it takes to construct a winning LU.

I had 10 entries last night and lost $10 as I only won money on  two entries.

27% ownership for Jacob deGrom and I was one of those suckers that had a lot of deGrom in my LUs.

deGrom ended up with negative points!

Some of the cheap salaried players that I told you guys I liked did very well. Players such as Trumbo, Suarez, Lagares, and  Flores  had great stat lines.

You wouldn't have won big money without Wilmer Flores in your LU.

Unfortunately I wasn't as good when selecting my pitchers. Besides deGrom, I selected Jorge de la Rosa of the Rockies and Felix Doubrant of the A's.

Iwakuma was the second most expensive pitcher and he only had 1.66 points and was 23% owned. It's not normal when the two aces of the night get clobbered.

I took Doubrant because he was only $5800 but he only got 6 points. De la Rosa gave me a measly 5 points against a bad Braves' offense.

Miggy Cabrera was expensive at $5400 and only had 4.75 points while Nelson Cruz at $5000 only had 1.25 points and was 18% owned.

I had a LU with a Reds stack but it didn't help me as I had deGrom as my pitcher.

The winner (ericjkle)  had 97 points and had Happ as his pitcher and he was 4% owned. Happ had 16 points as the Pirates beat the Marlins 5-2.

The first-place winner had lots of hitters from the Mets and Tigers/Reds game and those were two of the highest scoring games of the night.

Another top finisher had a Mets and Reds stack along with Eovaldi at $7800 as his pitcher.

Happ was only $6600 and I should have selected Happ over de la Rosa as my pitcher in some LUs since Happ played for a winning team who had a better chance to win that night.

The Rockies never hit as well on the road but I liked de la Rosa's chances against a weak Braves' offense better for some reason. Teheran was pitching for the Braves and he can be solid.


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